Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Relationships - Conversations = NULL

There are two types of conversations - Memorable ones and the others. Memorable ones needn't necessarily be the ones in which you laughed your lungs out, they might also be the ones in which you cried, the ones in which you felt 'one' with the other person - essentially the ones which weren't bound by space nor time.

How often do we come across conversations like these? A brief conversation with a stranger, a conversation between long lost friends, conversations which gave you a new dimension about your thought process, silent conversations, violent conversations and so on and so forth - each one of them highly significant, each one a brick to build something. There are other conversations which counted little in terms of spoken matter, but counted a lot in terms of the value it built into a relationship. For that matter, how do wonderful relationships develop? Don't they develop by conversing from sweet nothings to profound thoughts all in the same breath? Doesn't a relationship base its foundations on some of the memorable conversations - on the phone, in a bus, during a walk, on the beach, on the Net or during lunch/dinner. Conversations interspersed between lots of talk and long moments of silence - silence which conveys infinitely more messages than lots of talk.

Some of my best conversations have happened at places least expected - On the ground (in my Engg days-some crisis as we would call it), in the middle of heavy traffic, at 3 in the morning while working on a paper, in an auto (where nothing was said and everything was communicated), on the beach (invariably philosophical), during the early hours of some event. There are infinitely many more - at various instances, at various places and various times. Each conversation - postive and negative - has been a brick into making the foundation stronger and its memories extremely fond.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree!!! Very well written..though 'one' part is hilarious. Some of the conversations I have had, where there was a lot of silence,guess I would rem them lifelong!! These were when I was just myself..may be naive...may be kiddish...may be hyper...may be all...but it taught me, the real meaning of what bonding is!

Divs :-)

Anonymous said...

Well said about conversations... Interestingly you brought up the subtle point of Relationships..Conversations .. I would say the link is not limited to JUST Relationships but every aspect.No more philos but just my thought. Enggg.. 3 in the morning .. does it ring a bell. What was that buddy,,.LEE