Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Letter 'M'

The most powerful, influential and intriguing letter across all languages is the 12th letter of the Roman alphabet and the 13th letter of the English alphabet - the letter 'M' and my emphasis would be the words beginning with the letter 'M' and just a peek into its magnificient power.

To start with, all ancient civilizations - the oldest ones recorded were that of Mohenjadaro in India, Mesopotamia in the Middle East and Mayan in the Americas. Two of the most powerful dynasties to rule over India in the B.C as well as the A.D were the Mauryan and the Mughal dynasties.

Science has proved that Man evolved from Monkey. Mother is the sole purpose of how a Man exists. We all would like to be Models of perfection. While we had the Mahatma enchanting the masses down here in India, at about the same time, we had Mussolini machinating like a Machiavelli in Europe. While we had the greatest and perhaps the longest epic which enlightened mankind - Mahabharat, we had an equally oppressive 'Mein Kempf'.
While we had Mickey mouse entertaining people all around, we had Model T motorcar to depict what modernity can bring about. We had the beautiful Madhuri, have the sexy Mallika and erstwhile dream of every man - Marlyn Monroe.

The world today runs around Money. No wonder that two of the biggest brands in the world are McDonalds and Mont Blanc. We have advanced weapons in Machine guns and Missiles, again developed by Man due to excessive itch on his Medulla oblongata.

One of the greatest revolutions of the 20th century was Marxism, one of the greatest mysteries unsolved being the Mummy and one of the most mind-boggling roles in Movies being the role of Morpheus in Matrix. Think of controversy, and one of the greatest controversies involves Mary Magdalene. One of the most feared groups in today's world is the Mafia and the costliest drug available is Marijuana. Not to leave all us far behind is the Murphy's law which would remind us of the reality everytime we think of some mouthwatering prospect.

From the Macrocosm to Micro-organism, this letter influences everyday, every moment. From the Morning of our life to our Mourning, this letter is forever to stay with us and that my dear friends in summary is the magnificience of the letter.

P.S: Last but not the least, my HR Head's name is Mandeep Maitra (For God's sake, save me from this letter 'M').


Anonymous said...

Good one well composed glad to come back to ur blog!!

Manasa said...

MMM.... That was indeed a Magnificent and well compiled piece. Much to learn and discern.

Both the Machinations and the Magnificence of this letter were put forth in the most lucid fashion.

Would be glad to see more of such blogs... Reader's d'lite.

Anonymous said...

Few more things on M

M is a fictional character in Ian Fleming's James Bond series, as well as the films in the Bond franchise.

"M" is a code letter and name for the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6. The title "M" is believed to have been derived by creator Ian Fleming from the first real-life head of His Majesty's Secret Service, Mansfield Smith-Cumming, who used his initial "C" to indicate when he had seen a paper and so became referred to as "C," a practice that carried on with his successors. Other influences on the character include Admiral John Godfrey, Fleming's superior in British Naval Intelligence during World War II, and "R," the secret service employer of W. Somerset Maugham's Ashenden. The "M" may be an abbreviation for Minister, referring to his title as head of MI6. In Fleming's novel The Man with the Golden Gun M's true identity is revealed as Admiral Sir Miles Messervy; this may be where the M comes from, but does not explain the films because there has been more than one M. In the 2006 film version of Casino Royale, it is suggested the letter may likewise refer to the actual name of the later, female M.