Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"Sarvam Ekam"

Everything is One, and that is the Ultimate truth - so the Vedas proclaim. So is the title of my blog "Sarvam Ekam", since I wanted to blog the truth and nothing but the truth about myself, my friends, ideas and in general about life.

So, why did I choose Republic Day of India to be my inauguration day on the blogger's community? Simply because of two reasons - One, Republic indicates free and I wanted my thoughts to flow freely on the blog and two, sheer coincidence :-).

To start with, I wanted to blog down one of my favorite quotes which I personally think indicates the essence of life.

When Faith is present, there is Love.
When Confidence is present, there is Love.
When there is Love, there is Truth.
When there is Truth, there is Peace.
When there is Peace, there is Bliss.
When there is Bliss, there is God.

I think all of us in this journey of life are trying to attain happiness in every act of ours, yet we find that it is either ephemeral or non-existent. Each line of the above quote indicates the progression towards that happiness which is eternal, which I feel is the right way to go. I am not that spiru as the above lines might indicate, although I am trying really hard to learn the fundamentals….still trying.

Humor is one part of my life which I can’t do away with. Although this is not meant to demean anyone, I found this piece I read yesterday a bit funny. When Buddha got enlightened, it seems this was the first sentence he spoke “Oh monks! Realise that when you take a deep breath, you are taking a deep breath, Realise that when you take a medium breath, you are taking a medium breath and Realise that when you take a low breath, you are taking a low breath”. That’s enlightenment for you. Next time the Prof. asks you any question about “Customer Value Proposition” or “RF Signal Processing”, you know what to answer, right?.

I think I would sign off here. Although I have been postponing blogging for quite some time now (I wanted to start on the eve of New Year), nevertheless I have resolved to blog as regularly as I can. Mid-terms start tomorrow, got to go and start studying….bye.


Anonymous said...

Dont act too much...this high spiru kinda stuff and u...the most imperfect match i have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Hey C'mon...don't act like a retired practical and run ahead of time...and not backwards...I dont't think you are putting your words like a mgmt tough and fast man!!!!!!!!!!!Hurry up!!!