Monday, February 19, 2007

Personality Conflict!!

Till Xth class, I guess noone would have had any dilemma as to his/her personality. As we age, we tend to have more and more choices about the subjects we choose, about the friends we have, about partners and various other important aspects of life. I specifically mention Xth class because till then we (or should I say 'I') did not have any choice about the subjects we chose - forget about other aspects like friends and partners.

Then came the period between Xth and graduation - mathematics or biology. I for one, did not have any doubt, for two reasons - one, I was terrible at drawing and sketching (which I came to know through my friends who took biology) and two, I liked mathematics - although must admit the love for the latter, especially the so-called glory of being called 'An Engineer' swept me away. Limited choices - two of them - was not that difficult to make this choice.
Then came Engineering - college, branch, friends, hangout places, games - multiple choices (now I understand the reason for Entrance exams having multiple choice questions - and choosing the best answer). Over four years, one common thread I observed was that for a given problem, there was only one given answer - analytically and mathematically. This was wonderful, only one answer to any given problem - a methodology which got ingrained, whether you completed Engineering by rote or by experiencing it.
Then came Management. Multiple scenarios, multiple solutions, multiple companies and multiple packages. Initial days of my management classes were a little too difficult for me to digest. Some claimed that Engineering was the ideal background for a MBA - How? I asked. I received no answer. I personally feel they are on either side of the horizon - one speaks of perfection (one answer to a given problem) and the other speaks of time (a good answer now is better than the best answer at a later time). Finance and Accounting they say, is akin to Engineering. To speak in MBA gyaan, to arrive at an optimal value, a company can use different accounting systems and financial policies. 'Optimal' is the key word - there is no perfection in Management - Management is about people, and are people perfect - they are only striving towards perfection (Am I?)
There you go - here I am with two degrees on opposite sides of the horizon, trying to derive the best value ('best' from Engineering and 'value' from MBA :-)) - Isn't there a personality conflict everyday in every situation??

P.S: At the start of the blog, I wanted to deal with the friends and partners angle too - that angle is waaayyyyyyyy tooo complex - they bring in so many impressions and thoughts with them - there might be no personality left, forget about the conflict :-). Last but not the least, had a taste of Banking - providing the 'best' to the customer and now Consulting - providing 'optimal' solution to your clients :D


Procrastinx said...

>i was terrible at drawing and sketching >(which I came to know through my >friends who took biology)

Yeah. And now you have a person who can vouch for it anytime :-)

Spruha Gudapati said...

beautiful analysis..or say concoction of life so far....i can relate to most of it..

why do i always feel blog shud have been longer but u ended it early ?