Thursday, August 02, 2007

Are You?

I wanna snatch you from the world
People around you - near and distant
And just zip into infinite eternity
Just You and Me; I am willing!
Are you?

I dream of you; loving you
Intensely, passionately and whole-heartedly
But you are just far away - physically and mentally
Just You and Me - so good to-gether; I am willing!
Are you?

I communicate to you - irrespective of the mode of communication
Communication which turned from regular to sporadic; Intensely intimate to the very trivial
I long for communication. I am willing!
Are you?

I am willing to let go off the past;
Turbulences, relationships and the rest
And I eagerly look forward with hope
I dare to hope. I am willing!
Are you?

We danced and sang to-gether
Now, the dance floor is empty
And so are the voices of the heart.
I am willing to dance, sing and LIVE
Are you?

P.S - The theme of the poem being 'Melancholic Dare'! One musing out of the million musings I usually have on a train journey :)

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