Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Inevitable - Change!

It had to happen someday. I was increasingly getting frustrated at the template changes (code changes) I had to make on my blog. I evaluated different blog-supporting websites (webpress, typepad, rediffblogs etc.) but found wordpress to suit my need. So here it is -

1) From today, all my new blogs would be posted on the new website http://www.sarvamekam.wordpress.com. I have migrated all my older posts from blogger to wordpress (which in fact, was one of the major utilities that impressed me to shift to wordpress). I like the new template too - simple and elegant. As usual, your comments are welcome.

2) I have also started a new weblog - http://www.lucidviews.wordpress.com - which would offer my perspectives on 'life outside mine' as I would like to call it - Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Finance, Economy, Stockmarkets, Technology etc. Do visit that blog too and let me know your valuable comments.

Ciao from Blogger then! Catch ya on Wordpress!

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